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Machinery Indents has many years of industry experience, which gives us the knowledge and expertise to provide the very best in steel rebar bending and shaping machines. We have built an impeccable reputation for quality products and exceptional service, with clients from around the country returning for all their automatic bar bending machine & rebar bender requirements.

A wide range of stirrup, rebar bender & steel reinforcement bender & cutting machines for sale

We make it easy to find high-quality rebar bender machines and equipment with an extensive range. We only put our name behind the best, giving you peace of mind that you can find the right rebar bender and automatic bending machines to suit your project and budget.

Our range of rebar bender machines for sale has been carefully chosen to provide the best results. Across the construction industry, our benders and shapers are relied on for their accuracy and strength. Whether creating reinforcing for pavements or high rises, Machinery Indents guarantees the quality and workmanship of every MEP product in our range.

The bar benders and cutters at Machinery Indents combine the latest in bending and cutting technology, with exceptional power. Staying on budget requires minimal waste and accurate bending and cutting are essential. The power and accuracy of our rebar bending machines ensures control and precision, leading to better results and fewer wasted resources that will impact a project's cost-effectiveness.

Australia, NZ & PNGs' MEP rebar bender, shaping & cutting machines experts

Machinery Indents is an Australian owned and operated company, with many years of industry experience. We are the Australasian agency for MEP, providing sales, support and installation across the range. We are your leading source of rebar bending, wire stirrup and mesh fabrication, offering the highest standard of workmanship, quality, service and value for money.

We are committed to providing products that meet exacting standards of quality. The MEP range of rebar bender machines features the latest in automation technology, helping reduce: the number of operators required, the chances of human error or accident & the cost per unit.

MEP is a world leader in the manufacture of rebar equipment, with a reputation for exceptional quality and precision. Founded in 1966, MEP has spent over 50 years providing reliable, durable re bar bending machinery that is also innovative and pushes the boundaries of what is possible. MEP's research and development department works continuously to refine and revolutionise the range of machines, always focussed on solving customer problems and meeting the ever-evolving demands of the international market.

In need of maintenance or emergency repairs for your automatic bender & bending machines?

Machinery Indents' team of experienced, fully-qualified technicians has the extensive knowledge and expertise to provide the very best in repairs and maintenance. We can perform regularly scheduled maintenance to ensure your rebar benders and steel reinforcement shaping machines are performing at optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

This ongoing service helps prevent small problems becoming major issues, saving you money and keeping downtime to a minimum. If your machine has malfunctioned, we can provide urgent repairs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are backed by MEP in Italy and our team will have your equipment up and running again sooner.

Spare parts, training and customised solutions for rebar bender & bending machines

Machinery Indents is Australasia's distributor and sales agent for MEP. We stock only genuine MEP spare parts and enable you to get your rebar bender machines back online as quickly as possible. We carry an extensive range of spares and offer express shipping throughout Australasia, making it easier than ever to keep your business and projects moving forward. Our technicians can also provide hands on instruction for your operators, ensuring you can get the most from your machines safely and efficiently.

We offer training and support across all aspects of running MEP machines, with many of our customers experiencing increased productivity and greater cost effectiveness as a result of our comprehensive training. The expertise of our team allows us to help tailor solutions to meet your specific needs.

Our services and products can be integrated into your existing systems and processes, ensuring a seamless transition for minimal productivity disruption, or we can devise a solution from the ground up for your business. If your next project has specific challenges you need to meet, the technicians at Machinery Indents can help.

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Cut Form 32 - 40-Rebar Bender Code003
Completely automatic plant, electronically controlled, for the production of medium to large sized stirrups and bent/shaped bars, with bends on either one or both ends of the bar, as well as the cutting to length of bar material. The CUT FORM system, thanks to the use of a single translational mobile clamp and a bidirectional bending unit, allows the maximum production flexibility, eliminating any operator manual intervention during the work cycle, guaranteeing the maximum accuracy and excellent overall product quality.


Syntax Line 25 - 28-Rebar Bender Code005
The Syntax Line is a complete and fully automated cut and bend station for processing of stock rebar.

The complete production cycle (loading, cut and bend) is conceived to be carried out in full automation, without requiring any manual handling by the operator.


CS40 - 45-Rebar Bender Code001
All CS Series double head benders can be installed in different configurations fitting the specific production requirements. Along with versions having one mobile head at whatever side, the unit is also available in configuration with two mobile heads capable to work simultaneously and so assuring very high productivity.


CS440 - 460-Rebar Bender Code002
The automatic double head benders belonging to the "CS 440-460" series are designed for production of stirrups and large shapes bended clockwise or counter- clockwise on both sides.

The bending sequences are controlled in full automatic mode without requiring any intervention by the operator during the working cycle, so granting high productivity along with quality of finished products.


Multiradius 32-Rebar Bender Code004
Multiradius 32 is the most innovative solution in this field thanks to its exclusive patented solutions which allow to produce radius, spirals and curved segments having also variable radius within the same bar, in a fully automatic way.


Syntax 12 - 16 HS-Code053
The SYNTAX HS Series can offer an outstanding flexibility of application, and the capability of processing double wire up to 12 mm in all versions, and single wire 16 mm with the SYNTAX 16 HS. The large production capacity, as well as the adaptability in different production configurations, makes the SYNTAX 12-16 HS capable to reduce the number of required equipment, as well as in the number of machinery operators, therefore reducing drastically the production cost per unit of weight.