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GAM 1100 - 1500 - 2000 HS-Code016
The GAM HS plant is based on the concept of the “mobile heads” supporting and driving the rotation of the longitudinal bars, while the welding robot moves along the forming cage. The “Master Head” hosts the forming ring where bushes are fixed to make a perfect and precise template where the longitudinal bars can be positioned according to whatsoever cage size and design. The whole production process of cages has been simplified as well as “fine tuned” in specific aspects. The whole manufacturing cycle is now fast as never before, for this type of product.


GAM Conic-Code017
Cage making machines belonging to the GAM HS Series, are designed for production of pile and square cages of various shapes and sizes. The technology of the GAM HS Series is based on the winding of a continuous offcoil spiral around the longitudinal rebars by mean of a traveling welding robot station. This plant offers productivity and quality of finished products having a very compact lay-out and therefore being suitable to be installed within a limited footprint.


Practica 240-Code018
PRATICA 240 is the universal assembly machine (patented system) designed to assist in production of finished cage products. Cages of all shapes and sizes can be made, reducing assembly times, and improving the quality product when compared to traditional methods.


PREFORM is the universal pre-cage machine able to weld automatically stirrups with two or three longitudinal wires. Pre-cages of many different configurations and dimensions are produced reducing the final assembly times and improving the quality of the finished product installed at construction site.